We are happy to announce that we are currently in the studio preparing the next Electric Tarot !!! 
The next cards in The Electric Tarot series will be:  
(in no particular order as of yet) 
The Sun (I got sol)
The Devil (Only the wicked)
The Empress (Walk on)
The High Priestess (Don't stop Dreaming
The Star (Tomorrow's here today)
The Hierophant (Sevens)
Justice (Solstice Rite)
The Chariot (Chariot),
Death (Blood is the Brine) 
Working with these archetypal energies, through some coincidence has engaged a different but more magical understanding of the creative process and for us,  the sharing of this has become mulitdimensional , using our music as the springboard for the videos, art, installations, readings, ceremony and ultimately live performance as the communal expression.  Our current incarnation has had to have an elastic approach to our live show, for a number of reasons. For instance we had been a six piece but performed as every possible subtraction down to two. *

At  BarnAid we performed as two piece (Sean and I under the original name Birdland)
birdland @ barn aid

At Transmodern
we performed as a 3 peice, playing songs from our first record 3 piece days with Sean, David and I 
(though technically Walker joined us on tambourine)

But at Mobtown Studio's we were asked to play an acoustic set in a 5x10 space, as part of their brilliant space, sonic and psychic imposed restriction session series called "Microshow".  With Five of us ( Walker, Tony. David, Sean and I) we wove an acoustic version of us that gave us a new way of seeing ourselves and our music. 

NOW it's with that spirit that we have broken down the song writing process into a flow of multidimensional expression.  So like our songs, some shows will be the full electric version and some shows will be the more intimate vaudevillian acoustic-ish version.
This April 28th and 29th we will perform as the latter.
We're playing April 28th in Irvington, NY at the Black Cat Cafe. It'll be an early all ages show in the teeny cafe on Main St from 6-8pm.  Sunday the 29th will be at Zebulon in Brooklyn NY... one of my most favorite places in the galaxy and with our dear friends The Divining Rod.

*  additional friend/family members continue to grace us with their incredible talents lately such as .... Jef Brown and Ryan Sawyer.


  1. seattle misses you a lot. one of my favorite concert memories is when the blood brothers joined you on stage for WAR as the encore. you guys are one of the best live acts out there.

  2. !!!!!!

    I will be in Brooklyn on Sunday! I could actually make it to a show for the first time in almost 6 years!

    Do you wonderful people know what time you're going on Sunday night?