Ok so we clearly can't keep up with the imposing linear lunar time table we've set for ourselves. AND We've found it nearly impossible to keep up with any self promotion blog social networking bla bla bla. Does this challenge our relevancy? and to what? It seems a battle. Our energy is best spent making what we love not typing. So just to update----------we've taken this DIY thing back to the internal force level. We've been recording ourselves at home for the last few months. It's taken a while to get it down but we are super stoked with the results... the most raw and live sounding stuff that we've done in a while. So here, currently we just finished recording the newest in the Electric Tarot series - Honeysuckle Blue(the tower), Kilimanjaro ( the moon), Great Pyramid (the emperor), Junky (the hermit). Soon we'll be heading to a studio to mix this stuff and hopefully get our video / cards back on track. thanks for listening