free music

Some people have expressed concerns about the quality of MP3's,
We want to, as soon as we understand ALL of our options, offer better quality downloads
to those of you who want it. Just give us time THIS IS AN EXPERIMENT! We are still figuring this whole crazy idea out as we go!
any and all suggestions welcomed
Hello everybody
It's been awhile. We went back home and set up in the Remington cave to write more music. Feverish days begat fevered months. When we finally poked our head out into the light of the living, we had brought 22 songs in tow. On just a chance, when noting the oddity and seeming significance of the number 22, we remembered that the tarot had 22 major archana cards. So, when playing with the idea, listening to the songs and the lyrics, we noticed striking parallels. So much so, we feel it fated. Once this perspective hit us our next path on our journey became illuminated. We had already long decided that we wanted to embrace a new way of sharing our music. So we are weaving a web portal to share this idea as an unfolding experiment. Every month we will post new songs for download.
We are also creating a visual to go with each song/card, but we are still figuring this portion of the site out. Our newest songs "What's This Magical?" and "I Will Not Fall" have visuals, we are working out the kinks and hopefully will publish them soon!!!
We have made video's for the first two songs/cards. "I Will Not Fall" is The Fool card and 'What's this magical" is The Shaman Magician card. So when you go to the front page of our site and click on the picture in the middle, as the instructions say to in "how to use this site" nothing happens...YET!!! This is what we are working on. We are so excited about the idea and can't wait to share it with you!! Please subscribe to our blog for updates!! As we will announce here when we post new music and visuals!
Love and light


Manifesto - 2009

Greetings Dear Ones,
We as Celebration, have felt the continual growth of web culture's need for barrier-free exchange. We also feel that the traditional methods of releasing music have put too much distance between us. As we see it, the current music business model is crumbling. The birth of the MP3 has dreampt the death of the CD, and so all across the board Cd sales have dropped. What has given way is something so magical and evolutionary, that we have only begun to understand the cultural impact of this sharing. So, past the piles of broken CD cases and badly scratched, polycarbonate, rainbow discs, there lies a fantastic world of freedom--freedom to share instantly with little or no impact on the evironment, in a seemingly infinite, eternal and virtually cost free universe of the World Wide Web. This is our emancipation. Without the need for manufacturing CDs and the danse macabre of the promotional corporate machine, we can be free to release our music when and how we want--no waiting. we know nothing of the marketing world and don't care about the vampires anymore.

Our plan and experiment is to post new songs monthly, as we create and record them. Under the creative commons attribution non-commercial share alike license, all of our new music will be free to download on our new website. When we have enough music for an album, we will release it on vinyl for those who want to have something to hold. As artists we can only stand for our music, our art, our creation. So here it is--laid bare.

Some may say we are fools. If we be fools, let us be the Fool of the tarot. The Fool's card represents; a leap of faith, into the great unknown, trust in the adventure of chance, childlike enthusiasm. It is in this spirit that we are unvailing a multidemensional, interactive musical tarot deck, on our new website. We are constructing an experimental place to experience and share our musical vision with you. We strongly encourage you to blog, podcast,email and share links to our music and our site with OTHERS. This experiment is funded solely by us and those of you who choose to be part of making the music available. We've added a donation box to our website in hopes that you, our audience, can help support the artist's right to autonomy. Thank you!

So with a leap of faith and fortune, we turn the fate of our future to you. we look forward to the time and moment when we share our music with you-- it is our greatest joy.