HELLO---- mixing new songs this month should be ready to post new cards soon --- website now updated--- playing WHARTSCAPE 2010 sunday july 25th-----xoxo
thank you for your monatary, psychic and love donations to the cause---- the effect is forth coming


  1. Portland misses you

  2. Glad to hear about progress on the Great Work. Simplifying the site, especially the opening page, would be appreciated. Love the design but your wonderful web portal takes so long for my machine to load. Also, providing other things to give you money for would be an ideal use for your site. Silkscreened shirts, clothing, artwork, recorded performance, posters, bracelets, jewels, live performances. Any excuse really, to give more monetary appreciation for the transcendent music is appreciated.

    Celebration, Austin calls your name. May we see each other soon. Happy Days to you all,