free music

Some people have expressed concerns about the quality of MP3's,
We want to, as soon as we understand ALL of our options, offer better quality downloads
to those of you who want it. Just give us time THIS IS AN EXPERIMENT! We are still figuring this whole crazy idea out as we go!
any and all suggestions welcomed


  1. Better quality would be great, but I'm not complaining about what I'm being given. And if you have better quality stored somewhere, I like the idea of waiting for the experience on vinyl.

  2. I am not displeased by the quality of the mp3's, although not sure how discerning my ear is. Well actually, my ear's fairly discerning and I think the quality is good. Thanks for more awesome music, can't wait to experience all of this unfold.

    John C.

  3. My musical taste has changed so much over the past 5 years and I can positively say that you guys are on the top of my list along with Sigur Ros and Beach House. About MP3 quality... from what I've read using the LAME encoder at 320kbps yields the most solid quality. I just got some really nice speakers and subwoofer and I've been replacing my music with 320kbps quality mp3's and the sound quality is quite noticeable from 128, 160, and 192kbps. I saw you guys once in East Hollywood with the Blood Brothers and ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead. I came to see the latter two, but after the show all I could think about was Celebration. Please come play in California... San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Monterey, or Fresno, I'll be there :D

  4. Will you guys release the album as a whole after you finish releasing song by song?

    Also, if you want to release high quality music you should encode your songs in FLAC format for those that want the absolute best quality.

  5. i love you guys and your earlier incarnations as Love Life and Jaks too.. I'm saddened to hear of no more cds. I bought the 4ads ones.. can't you just sign to another label?

    I like the idea of the free mp3s, but only if no other alternative exists. Not a fan of vinyl so much.
    Just a thought.

  6. Apropos of nothing, so happy you're playing NYC in a few days!

  7. There are a few options, this is taken from how Trent Reznor handles with newer Nine Inch Nails releases:

    You've got the common MP3, offered at 192kbps, a common format for those who just want the music.

    Then, there's the M4A, or the Apple lossless format. This gives you lossless CD-Quality sound, without all the garble that you get with Mp3. :D

    Then there's FLAC & WAV (with FLAC, is the audiophile's paradise, as is WAV (and there are two different options for WAV, like 24/96 WAVE format but that's for someone with a serious sound system.)

    I'm really loving what you guys are doing! I know this will be an awesome ride, can't wait for the next songs! The world is your oyster!

  8. Thank you for the free music. I love celebration. I really have so much appreciation for this band.